A Boy and his Grandpa (part 2)

I think I will start a series….  A BOY AND HIS GRANDPA!!!

In the first post called A BOY AND HIS GRANDPA

I told you about my Dads imagination, his ability to get into kid character.

 (He is 5 years old, you know!)

My son is 3 years old ….so that means Grandpa is 2 years older than he is right now!! lol

We went to visit this past weekend. My son was very, very excited.

Last time they were together they went fishing off the bank of my porch

In this picture they had just finished taking a boat ride. Grandpa has a boat in the driveway. He let my son drive. They made all the boat motor noises and had some grand adventures I am sure. They even had a passenger on their boat – my niece. :0) I sure she was some really really important VIP. lol

I love watching my dad with my son. He really is like a big buddy/brother/Grandpa/friend. He doesn’t say ” this is what we are doing!” ….this Grandpa says ” Where we going?” 

 He lets my son choose the way. Be the boss. Be in the drivers seat…..to tell the story.

For a few hours of the day they were inseperable…walking through my Dad’s little town, hanging out at the park, swinging and on the merry-go-round.

Like two long-lost friends reunited.

I think I will keep the poem with these posts as they continue…so stay tuned. :0)

Have a great TUESDAY!!


I like to walk with Grandpa…

His steps are short like mine.

He doesn’t say…

“Now, Hurry Up!”

He always takes his time

Most people have to hurry…

they do not stop and see.

I am glad that God made Grandpa…

‘Unrushed’ and young like me.


To read all the series : https://starleeta.wordpress.com/a-boy-his-grandpa/



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