Does it bite?

This is a Photo Blog series with some words… My Husband -The Tree Man- brought home a little slithering bull snake for the kids to see. He tells them about how the skin breaths I am thinking this is good science right in the yard And how it uses its tongue to taste the air... Continue Reading →

Water Shots

  We took a little trip to Missouri to see my Sister and to surprise my Mom for her Birthday. While we were there we went out to the local swimming park and let the kids play and we pulled out the sprinkler too… not to mention - did anyone notice how HOT it was... Continue Reading →

Friday’s Facts

05/19/2011 1. First of all… I feel like I don't have any things to share. ' I'm sure I will find some as a continue searching my brain bins :0) 2. I am still picking DANDELIONS… Today I was plucking them so much I heard my minds saying: “These Things Are Relentless!!!” So I stopped... Continue Reading →

A Boy and his Grandpa (part 2)

I think I will start a series....  A BOY AND HIS GRANDPA!!! In the first post called A BOY AND HIS GRANDPA I told you about my Dads imagination, his ability to get into kid character.  (He is 5 years old, you know!) My son is 3 years old that means Grandpa is 2 years older... Continue Reading →

The Nitty Gritty Down and Dirty

Thinking about the reality of my life not just the interesting little things I post ( in perfect blog posting land ) the stain-glassed people…. or seem’s hidden ways…. the play on words and what God reveals through them…IPHONE but what about the nitty gritty the down and dirty …( in my world : white... Continue Reading →

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