Friday’s Facts

Copy of NEWPICS 362-5


1. First of all…

I feel like I don’t have any things to share. ‘

I’m sure I will find some as a continue searching my brain bins :0)

2. I am still picking DANDELIONS…

Today I was plucking them so much I heard my minds saying:

“These Things Are Relentless!!!”

So I stopped picking for today…

I still want to be out there..

but I will burn out and quit if I don’t do this in moderation.

3. A quote:

“When we break people…we break Jesus”

-Ann Voskamp


What ever you have done to the least of these, you have done to me.  –isn’t that what Jesus said!

OUCH! makin’ me think!! Trust me I am no angel. I get mad, flip off at the mouth, make statement I should otherwise not say and have moments of less than loving attitudes. :0/ But this quote…it hit me.


4. Started the book :  EXPERIENCING WORSHIP by Stephen Newman 

Our church worship team is going through this study book – its good

I just want my life to be a living worship experience.


5. I am surprised….not really 

– that I have things to say here. :0p     lol


6. My Sarah took some good pictures of herself and her brother David, here’s one:



7. I took some pics this week too :

 IMG_3017 IMG_3013    IMG_3015

8. Grandpa came to visit David again…

Look for the 4th installment of A BOY AND HIS GRANDPA! – tomorrow.

9. There is nothing like listening to:

Your children arguing over which one is going to the bathroom first.

The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.

In this case I don’t think that applies :0)

10. I am still going to the Gym!!

I really like it. I enjoy the alone time. I feel stronger. I am stronger.

PS: I think it is funny that I thought I didn’t have anything to put on this post this week. One thing I like about this FRIDAY FACTS is that I get a Snap Shot of my past week. Its neat to see what I have done, been touched by, listen to or read …especially on those weeks ( like this one )  when I felt like I’ve just been doing the same o’ same o’ !!

See how much you miss when you don’t – REFLECT!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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