About Me

I want my life to matter for Christ

I want to touch people with my writing

I want to know the backstory to everything

I believe that what goes on outside ourselves

is in direct relation to what goes on inside ourselves

and without finding all that out

we can’t make it out of the drama, trauma and Bahama mamma’s

See growing up my Mother was an alcoholic

so I never went the Bahama mamma route to hide my pain

so that left Drama & Trauma

Both of which I became very fluent

I’ve thrown myself under the bus more times than I could count

thrown myself to wolves

abandoned myself

let unsafe people hear my heart

creating many scars and much pain

And Drama …well there was no end to the chaos I could create

out of my fears, worries, doubts, and critical suspicion


Who has changed my life and given me a mission

To live my life as an example of one who overcomes.

Sharing my story with others to encourage them

to live fearlessly in the face of every struggle,

that I might be faithful in all He asks,

moving forward through trusting in His love.


A BLOGGERNALER (Blogger + Journaler)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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