The Death of Cake

At the beginning of the year, my 2019 goals were: Eat better, Drink water, Walk more. I am a pretty good goal getter, but this is hard. I started out the year doing a 21 day fast of no sugar and I felt awesome! So awesome, I kept going for 60 days. Then my son... Continue Reading →

Leadership Reflections

Over the course of a year we can learn so many things. There have been ups, there have been downs, and all along the way you have gathered to yourself things to help you navigate life. I'm not the kind of person that likes to drift. I want to take control of how I learn,... Continue Reading →

We only have so much time. 3 parenting adjustments & an extra.

He is my youngest. The baby. He is growing so fast. All children grow so fast. It happens while we are working. It happens while we are trying to make ends meet. It happens while we are struggling with stress and caught up in our own things. It's happening. We only have so much time... Continue Reading →

Under Our Favorite Quotes

Quotes are fantastic. They say something. They reveal something. They speak to who you are. They relate to us. They say what we feel often better than we could say it ourselves. We pick them out. They show us our focus. They show us our heart. They crack open the good, bad and the ugly... Continue Reading →

A little this and that

I want to share with my readers what I enjoy and what I love. But not just that. I want to share with you good quotes, good books, and good soul food. I love to learn but I love sharing the goodness maybe even a little more. Here we go: Something I'm Excited About: My... Continue Reading →

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