Don’t Fight The Process: Bear Fruit and Grow

I think the reason that I don't grow is because I don't understand the process of growth and because of that, I often get wrapped up and trapped in cycles of thwarting my own progress . This world just tells me to work, hustle, be productive, do more, work harder, work smarter, to get it... Continue Reading →

A powerful gift of Grace

We all get distracted and disconnected in life. When that happens to me, I often end up drifting off purpose. I find that I am going through the motions just getting by doing what has to get done. It is like everything ends up in the urgent category of life because I have procrastinated when... Continue Reading →

Need A Hard Reset

There are seasons of life that are just harder than others. They are tougher to navigate, the path is unclear, and vision can become obstructed. Pressures and responsibilities become heavy like weighted blocks are being carried on the shoulders and more are coming each day. The way you use to run with wild abandon is... Continue Reading →

Back to Joy.

Every once in a while a good evaluation of the heart, mind, and spirit is in order. How do I know if its time to do that? I am spend a lot of time on social media distracting myself from what's happening in life.I have a pounding headache by the end of every day.I find... Continue Reading →

Powerful Binding: throne or phone

This past Sunday my pastor said, "We are to be a sacramental people who carry the grace of God." He also asked us a question: "Why is it that we must be engaged in prayer and fasting?" Again..being the Nextgen pastor, I have to be thinking how does this translate to the next generation. Here... Continue Reading →

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