Before you jump to “JUDGE NOT LEST YOU BE JUDGED!”

When someone corrects you - or as we sometimes think - judges you, do you get defensive and make excuses and give all your reasons? Yeah I've done it too ...anyone else want to raise their hand and say "me too! Here is something I have found: The person who is correcting me is often... Continue Reading →

Are assumptions causing you anxiety?

For many years I lived my life listening to my mind telling me that what it "seems like" was true. This stream of thought would then pump fear and suspicion into my heart over and over about the situations and people around me. It took a long time to learn to hear these phrases, when... Continue Reading →

3 ways to grow when you find you are feeling complacent

How often do we listen to something good, even inspiring then move on without doing anything with what we just heard?  I did that for years. It wasn't until I chose to do something with what I learned that I began to grow by leaps and bounds. I was one of those people in a... Continue Reading →

What to do when life has you wearing angry eyebrows

I have been reflecting on a season of my life that was pretty rough. All I could feel was sadness and anger. Circumstances had backed me into a corner and I was unable to move forward in some places of my life. It’s so strange that somehow these things have the power to narrow our... Continue Reading →

#2 Thoughts I’m thinking…

I love it when things start to come together. When what is happening in my life and what God is talking to me about in my devotionals each day, start mingling with each other for learning. - Bringing Revelation! This morning, I was listening to Graham Cooke talk about how everybody is advertising something. What... Continue Reading →

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