Things I want my children to know

I was reading a blog and a father had written down things that he wanted his daughter to know when she went off to college. There are some things I want my kids to know. If you are a parent I encourage you to do this. 1. Always be who you are. No one you... Continue Reading →

Sunday2Monday: One Foot in Front of The Other

I took a break from this blog, posted here and there. To be honest, a good friend of mine, a man named Tim Polk died and well I hit pause on the blog. One of my greatest cheerleaders went home to be with Jesus suddenly. He was such an encouragement to me. He spoke God... Continue Reading →

Does God Wear A Broken Crown?

  Working for the church is a lot of work but also a lot of fun. I have often said to myself over the years when growing up and in young adulthood "It would be nice if I could just get a career in talking." Funny how God knows us so well that He has... Continue Reading →

Adventures & Landmines

We had a plan for a couple of weeks to take a road trip. Corinne moved here from Oregon. She had mentioned she liked hiking, mountains, waterfalls and Oregon rain. She's lived here in Iowa little over a year. She is my youth worship coordinator. I really love the way she thinks. She has this... Continue Reading →


To be honest, I have been highly distracted in mind and heart lately. I need to push pause on some good things to make room for the greater things. I am transitioning from a single youth ministry coordinator to a multiple nextgen ministry leader and well I am overwhelmed. I haven't quite got my feet... Continue Reading →

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