Done But Not Done! 6 things we must be done with in order to have unity:

Look! Life is hard. Like you didn't know that. But life is and can be holistic IF we learn to love one another. We live in a day when many people are opting out of the messiness of living life together, even in the church because it isn't politically correct to speak your mind, share the... Continue Reading →

When the world starts to shake

I know I haven't written in a while... I have been in transition. A word that speaks change and transformation but often gets placed into the box labeled readjustment. This word transition has profound meaning, it means "a going across or over." The websters dictionary defines transition as "passing from one state, stage, place to... Continue Reading →

Convenience, Task, Compassion -3 types of people and “the what” their lives are speaking.

Have you ever had a sentence jump off the page at you? You know those moments when you trip over a word phrase or suddenly a clip of a book grips you? If you are prone to just move along and not pay attention to that split second longing that calls us to enter into... Continue Reading →

The God who comes without warning!

I love how God speaks. He has a way of communicating that is able to touch directly my heart in such a way that it is undeniably Him and it is expressed in a way that I not only understand but also is wrapped in language that I get and it draws me into Him. He... Continue Reading →

Chewing Fennel: When the Lord Sends a Breath of Fresh Air

A couple years ago I started the journey to become a credentialed minister. Over a years time, all my margin was spent studying and taking online courses then I entered into a coaching and interview process. This transition space has moved me from youth coordinator to becoming the NextGen Pastor of my church. We launched a... Continue Reading →

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