Rocks of Revelation #3 – Truth

What captures your attention?  I took a trip with my family a few years back. We went to Colorado to visit my husband's grandmother. We stayed with his aunt and uncle in Fort Collins. They took us on a hike near their home. It was quite the trek up the trail. All along the way,... Continue Reading →

Rocks of Revelation #2 – REST

  Let me ask you a few questions: How tired are you? How busy are you? What are you doing about it? Our world runs 24/7. It never stops. Our need for rest isn't any greater than any other generation but our ability to find it is elusive. We work 40-50-60 hours a week. Mostly... Continue Reading →

Series: Rocks of Revelation #1

This past Sunday I spoke at my church. My pastor went on a mini-sabbatical for a few weeks. He asked me to speak. After I said yes. (Which is what you say to your pastor and then lean into Jesus for the know-how and strength to accomplish the goal.)  I prayed to the Lord for... Continue Reading →

The dark of the heart and how to heal it

I love birds. I find them to be beautiful and fascinating. I like to watch them and they always catch my eye as they fly. One time, I saw a bald eagle soaring low to the ground. I had to pull over and just wonder and awe at its glory. I caught this glorious take... Continue Reading →

Done But Not Done! 6 things we must be done with in order to have unity:

Look! Life is hard. Like you didn't know that. But life is and can be holistic IF we learn to love one another. We live in a day when many people are opting out of the messiness of living life together, even in the church because it isn't politically correct to speak your mind, share the... Continue Reading →

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