Convenience, Task, Compassion -3 types of people and “the what” their lives are speaking.

Have you ever had a sentence jump off the page at you? You know those moments when you trip over a word phrase or suddenly a clip of a book grips you? If you are prone to just move along and not pay attention to that split second longing that calls us to enter into... Continue Reading →

The God who comes without warning!

I love how God speaks. He has a way of communicating that is able to touch directly my heart in such a way that it is undeniably Him and it is expressed in a way that I not only understand but also is wrapped in language that I get and it draws me into Him. He... Continue Reading →

Chewing Fennel: When the Lord Sends a Breath of Fresh Air

A couple years ago I started the journey to become a credentialed minister. Over a years time, all my margin was spent studying and taking online courses then I entered into a coaching and interview process. This transition space has moved me from youth coordinator to becoming the NextGen Pastor of my church. We launched a... Continue Reading →

Kathy Nagel: The Power of Transforming Grace

When I first met Kathy it was on a Sunday morning. She had come to church with Kenny and Anita. Anita is Kathy's cousin. She was polite but a little standoffish. I think at the moment she was trying to figure out if she even liked this place. She kept coming to church but where... Continue Reading →

Things I want my children to know

I was reading a blog and a father had written down things that he wanted his daughter to know when she went off to college. There are some things I want my kids to know. If you are a parent I encourage you to do this. 1. Always be who you are. No one you... Continue Reading →

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