Countdown to a New Year

A REFLECTION OF 2018 GOALS This is a great time to consider where you want to go in life and what do you want to see more of in 2019? Whatever it is - it starts with dreaming! But dreaming alone won't get you there. You have to add determination and action to it. Time... Continue Reading →

Rocks of Revelation #4 – Preparation

How long have you been going through the motions?  Life goes by so fast. I don't understand why it often feels like it is moving at a snail's pace! I do know that if I am not tapped into being ready to move at the speed of God then I end up in the speed... Continue Reading →

Rocks of Revelation #3 – Truth

What captures your attention?  I took a trip with my family a few years back. We went to Colorado to visit my husband's grandmother. We stayed with his aunt and uncle in Fort Collins. They took us on a hike near their home. It was quite the trek up the trail. All along the way,... Continue Reading →

Rocks of Revelation #2 – REST

  Let me ask you a few questions: How tired are you? How busy are you? What are you doing about it? Our world runs 24/7. It never stops. Our need for rest isn't any greater than any other generation but our ability to find it is elusive. We work 40-50-60 hours a week. Mostly... Continue Reading →

Series: Rocks of Revelation #1

This past Sunday I spoke at my church. My pastor went on a mini-sabbatical for a few weeks. He asked me to speak. After I said yes. (Which is what you say to your pastor and then lean into Jesus for the know-how and strength to accomplish the goal.)  I prayed to the Lord for... Continue Reading →

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