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  May we know how unfailing His love is for us! He is our shelter….. Fully loved, fully protected, fully HIS!     Linking with:

Feathers & Smiles

Last week I enjoyed a lovely visit with my sister…. We made masks and feather head pieces. HOT GLUE, FELT, DOWELS, SCRAPBOOK PAPER, FEATHERS, FLOWER PETALS, BUTTONS…..and IMAGINATION!! Proverbs 17:22A merry heart does good, like medicine. Do you see my little peeker ?? lol I had wanted to do this since I saw over at…


Do we have enough faith to believe that He will care for all our needs? STARLA

Friday’s Facts

05/19/2011 1. First of all… I feel like I don’t have any things to share. ‘ I’m sure I will find some as a continue searching my brain bins :0) 2. I am still picking DANDELIONS… Today I was plucking them so much I heard my minds saying: “These Things Are Relentless!!!” So I stopped…

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Be the canvas of the Lord…. Let Him write your story… Let Him draw your pathways… Let Him create and renew your Heart! Have a great Wednesday !! Starla