OPPPPS MY LINK DIDN’T WORK!!! --sorry reposting 4/13/2012 I only have ONE fact today …. 1.  IM MOVING!!!! I hope you will join me ….. I have loved connecting with you all so much. For some time I have been splitting my heart in two…. doing Stars Rain and Friendships of Love . I... Continue Reading →

Friday Facts

4/6/2012 1. A song: 2. Picture of the week: Easter Egg Head Daughter - Sarah 3.  Something on my heart: Pray for me …I am singing a solo at Church for Easter…. It is a big song and I am intimidated by it. It is Via Dolorosa most commonly sung by Sandy Patti.  Lord Help... Continue Reading →

(A Little Bit Different) Friday Facts

3/30/2012 1. Where I went : Last Friday I went to my Sister’s house to visit. My Mom lives there also. We took a overnight trip with the kids to St. Louis, Mo. 2. Something interesting: One of the first things we saw was this reflective giant cube! 3.  Things that caught my eye walking... Continue Reading →

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