A Boy and His Grandpa (part 9)

Grandpa made a quick visit today… He brought David a Tire gauge So Guess what they did today?? Grandpa taught David how to check my tire pressure!!! lol Good thing to know so you can flatten your mommy’s tires huh? hahaha   I like to walk with Grandpa… His steps are short like mine. He... Continue Reading →

A Boy and His Grandpa (part 8)

It’s Veterans Day and Grandpa came to see David. He brought another Airplane. This time it was a rubber band launcher airplane. Grandpa is a Vet. So he wore his hat.  We are so proud of him. David was so excited about this new airplane !! They always enjoy their time together. Here you go... Continue Reading →

A Boy and his Grandpa ( part 7)

(here they are on the landing strip….) Yesterday was Grandpa 53rd Birthday! But He is still 5 ! ( so don’t worry ….he isn't growing up too fast or anything) I told David that it was Papa’s Birthday today and we were going to go get him a card. He said “ IT IS!!!!!!” I... Continue Reading →

A Boy and His Grandpa (part 6)

We went out to my Dad’s on Monday to visit for Father’s Day. Of course my dad was busy playing with David. They did many things … First they got the tractor out: They went for a walk … David rode and Grandpa walked a lot side. They gathered some rocks at the park up... Continue Reading →

A boy and his Grandpa ( part 5)

We took a trip to Grandpa’s house. David got a bug catcher. He thought that Grandpa would have lots a bugs at his house, so we brought the catcher and tools when we took Sarah to stay for the weekend at Grandpa’s. We pulled on to the drive and David began to say “Hi, Grandpa!!... Continue Reading →

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