A Boy and His Grandpa (part 8)

It’s Veterans Day and Grandpa came to see David.

He brought another Airplane.

This time it was a rubber band launcher airplane.


Grandpa is a Vet. So he wore his hat.  We are so proud of him.


David was so excited about this new airplane !!

daddavid3 (2)

They always enjoy their time together.

daddavid4 (2)


Here you go ! (David was the fetcher :0)


Here now you try!

daddavud (2)

No…you do it Grandpa…..there it goes!

After they broke both rubber bands …

they made ice cream and coffee on the upside down tricycle.

David got cold and put on a heavier blue jacket…

then they went for a walk.



I like to walk with Grandpa…

His steps are short like mine.

He doesn’t say…

“Now, Hurry Up!”

He always takes his time

Most people have to hurry…

they do not stop and see.

I am glad that God made Grandpa…

‘Unrushed’ and young like me.



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