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For the love of strawberries…

He was so excited!! This year he gets to tend and care for his own plant. He picked a strawberry plant! He planted his plant in a big pot. His dad gave him a little shovel and he filled it himself. Everyday he went out to check on it to see how it was doing.… Continue reading For the love of strawberries…

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A summer beginning

It’s the first day of summer for David and I am determined to help him keep his preschool skills and to grow in his reading and math skills. So what better way than to reward sounding out and spelling with doing what you spell!!! Chocolate Banana Pancakes   They were good and when I poured… Continue reading A summer beginning

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The joy comes…..

Its morning the last week of school we enter our great outdoors in the front yard I retreat away on the porch with bible in hand the morning sunrays bathing us in warmth This little man just got this new bike I told him that He was getting too big for his tricycle and that… Continue reading The joy comes…..

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This little man

He is a busy man The most verbal in our home of quiet a blessing of energy a whirl wind of curiosity up first thing with the switch on GO with the same words every morning “What can I do?” reminding me that I have just enough power for each day and a necessity to… Continue reading This little man

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Friday Facts

12/30/2011 A song :   2.  Picture of the week: Ok a little background… I want a change for my hair..butt I am one who doesn’t like to spend money unnecessarily.  So instead of getting a hair cut and enjoying the niceness of a fresh cut and no dead ends, less frizz. I resorted to… Continue reading Friday Facts