Wildlife of Florida

This past week we went on Vacation to Titusville, Florida. It was beautiful sun shiny days and cool nights. We went to the beach several times and the pier to fish. I saw many things..wanna see? This pic I didn’t take, I got it off  the net …..reason being that my son stepped into a... Continue Reading →

A Boy and his Grandpa (part 2)

I think I will start a series....  A BOY AND HIS GRANDPA!!! In the first post called A BOY AND HIS GRANDPA I told you about my Dads imagination, his ability to get into kid character.  (He is 5 years old, you know!) My son is 3 years old ....so that means Grandpa is 2 years older... Continue Reading →

A Boy and his Grandpa

This picture is of my dad and my son. They are fishing off the porch. :0) My dad always seems to get into character when the kids are around. He tells them " I'm 5 years old." I think they believe him...lol   My dad's use of his imagination, his ability to have the eyes of a... Continue Reading →

The twist of Bait!

So my husband he is a fishing guy...loves to fish!!!:P Drives me crazy and yet I love to eat the fish he makes after the fishing day!!! Those little lures he uses. They twist around and around in the water saying " Here fishy fishy!!!" But it is just BAIT While there are many definitions... Continue Reading →

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