The bones about opinion

I've watch this show called Bones. It's about a forensic anthropologist named Dr. Temperance Brennan and an FBI agent named Seeley Booth. It's a fantastic show that you should totally watch. Anyway, I had finished an episode and at the end the FBI psychologist named Dr. Sweets, who is writing a book about Brennan and... Continue Reading →

Who Decides?

Identity is a hot button topic in the world right now. Identity has become just a classification that expresses what we are. The world is stranger than I have ever remembered. Human beings have figured that they can just decide what they are. I am not about to get into the muddy waters of the... Continue Reading →

Jesus is Better

This week, I have been pondering the topic of faith. I come across so many people struggling with their faith, disconnected from their faith, or with little faith. I am no stranger to these very same things. When life gets hard, circumstances are difficult, relationships are strained or my heart feels broken I too struggle,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Fight The Process: Bear Fruit and Grow

I think the reason that I don't grow is because I don't understand the process of growth and because of that, I often get wrapped up and trapped in cycles of thwarting my own progress . This world just tells me to work, hustle, be productive, do more, work harder, work smarter, to get it... Continue Reading →

A powerful gift of Grace

We all get distracted and disconnected in life. When that happens to me, I often end up drifting off purpose. I find that I am going through the motions just getting by doing what has to get done. It is like everything ends up in the urgent category of life because I have procrastinated when... Continue Reading →

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