Friday facts!!

July 8, 2011 Linking up with  and for when tuesday rolls around : 1. A song : Something to remember when we are being self righteous - let God be God and you check your mirror and I will too ! 2. A video about a painting…. a painting you don’t want to miss! 3. A Poem... Continue Reading →


Does your heart long for reassurance? Where you know ( although you fear) that you are being held up by another. Ever let yourself down? The sorrow and sadness, guilt and berating we take from the inside……(should we really just take it because we think its US, in whom we trust, who is speaking?) Where... Continue Reading →

A Boy and his Grandpa (part 2)

I think I will start a series....  A BOY AND HIS GRANDPA!!! In the first post called A BOY AND HIS GRANDPA I told you about my Dads imagination, his ability to get into kid character.  (He is 5 years old, you know!) My son is 3 years old that means Grandpa is 2 years older... Continue Reading →

A Boy and his Grandpa

This picture is of my dad and my son. They are fishing off the porch. :0) My dad always seems to get into character when the kids are around. He tells them " I'm 5 years old." I think they believe   My dad's use of his imagination, his ability to have the eyes of a... Continue Reading →

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