Friday facts!!

Copy of NEWPICS 362-5

July 8, 2011

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friday favorite things | finding joy

for when tuesday rolls around :
Top Ten {Tuesday}

1. A song :

Something to remember when we are being self righteous – let God be God and you check your mirror and I will too !

2. A video about a painting….

a painting you don’t want to miss!

3. A Poem from my other blog:

Excerpt :

Why is it when life gets piled on
things erupt from underneath
To the soul within
its like a battlefield of war
to the spirit
the healings just begun

I try not to thwart the spirit within
with my rants and blast of piteous cries
when my heart longs for saving
and my eyes see battering continuing on….

(click above to finish)

4. A Quote :

Loving though our heart walls….

5. Wednesday was my dad’s birthday.

David and I went to visit so of course I took pictures ….

for A Boy and his Grandpa (#7 was posted on Thursday)


6. Look what my husband made for me to eat on Wednesday night:

A Cherry no bake Cheesecake!!!! YUMMY!!!

7. Guess who I am missing!?

My beautiful daughter she is at her very first church camp this week . I pray she is having a wonderful time and comes back PUMPED to do worship @ SMAC youth group! She will be home Saturday! Yeah!


8. Want to keep a record of your life??

but you don’t want to do a blog or you don’t want to write in a notebook

maybe you don’t like people reading your raw thoughts

then try this :   OH LIFE

It sends you an email every day asking you a simple question – What is going on in your life right now? You reply to the email . It is not published for public eyes …it is just recorded for you to see later. REFLECTIVE HELP!!

9.  A PhotoQuote from


10 . IT’s FRIDAY – have a great day !!

Oh and a little TIP of the DAY , if you are like me you may worry , have anxiety, or get stressed….maybe even get pissed off once and a while . I learned a little tip.

Only allow yourself 10 minutes to have a fit,  then let it go and be determined to enjoy the rest of your day. Rolling on the floor laughing


2 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    OH yes I love the quote AmyDeanne make over at 160acrewoods ..simply wonderful!
    and thank you that cheesecake is gone now…lol glad I took a picture so I can drool! :0)


  2. Love the last Bible verse in the purple — for sure a beautiful reminder.

    And that cherry no bake? Looks fabulous.


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