A Boy and His Grandpa (part 9)

Grandpa made a quick visit today… He brought David a Tire gauge So Guess what they did today?? Grandpa taught David how to check my tire pressure!!! lol Good thing to know so you can flatten your mommy’s tires huh? hahaha   I like to walk with Grandpa… His steps are short like mine. He... Continue Reading →

Friday facts!!

July 8, 2011 Linking up with  and for when tuesday rolls around : 1. A song : Something to remember when we are being self righteous - let God be God and you check your mirror and I will too ! 2. A video about a painting…. a painting you don’t want to miss! 3. A Poem... Continue Reading →

A Boy and his Grandpa ( part 7)

(here they are on the landing strip….) Yesterday was Grandpa 53rd Birthday! But He is still 5 ! ( so don’t worry ….he isn't growing up too fast or anything) I told David that it was Papa’s Birthday today and we were going to go get him a card. He said “ IT IS!!!!!!” I... Continue Reading →

Friday Facts are here again…

6/24/2011 1. Took some pictures of the family on the porch:   2. Went to my dad’s house: Did you read A boy and his Grandpa (part 6) https://starleeta.wordpress.com/2011/06/21/a-boy-and-his-grandpa-part-6/   3.  I went on a 20 minute drive to get to the dentist for the kids: when I got there…I was told….its not until JULY!!!... Continue Reading →

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