Friday Facts


Copy of NEWPICS 362-5


1. Did anyone notice…

last week— that I had the wrong date …  :0)

2. Remember the story I wrote  about POOPY WATER???

well I got another poop story. I was at a friends house. My son stepped on some poop and tracked it all across her WHITE carpet. I was soooo embarrassed. She was so gracious. Thankfully her step-mother in-law use to own a carpet cleaning business. SO LISTEN UP because what she told us to do WORKED!!!

Cold Water and A Rag !!

Lightly rubbing…. IT ALL CAME OUT!!!

( Ps…it wasn’t a couple spots. He had tracked it all over the first floor of the house. It was the SMELL that caused a search for where the stink was coming from…. eeeeeeeeeek!!)

3. A photo I took in my yard:


4. A song for you:


5. Pray for us @ Springs of Life church

we are trying a new song this Sunday

6. Sang with my daughter Sarah in the school talent show Thursday.

It was very cool to able to stand there next to my mini me and sing YOU ARE GOOD by Kari Jobe.

7. Good photoquote from


8. Wrote about my husband on my poetry blog:

Poets Prose – LOVED



Have any particular topic you would like to see me write about?


10. Thank you to all my readers.

I so enjoy writing.

I pray God would touch you and bless you always.



Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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