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This little splash of beauty came to me from the hands of my four year old…. When we see beauty it is because God has made it so it would shine a glimmer a remnant of His magnificence. May we all ways inquire within our hearts , may we seek to know about HIS GREATNESS…

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Spring life is just beginning to sing their praise to the King! First the Birds…. and now the Flowers! Linking with:

Friday Facts

05/27/11 1. Did anyone notice… last week— that I had the wrong date …  :0) 2. Remember the story I wrote  about POOPY WATER??? well I got another poop story. I was at a friends house. My son stepped on some poop and tracked it all across her WHITE carpet. I was soooo embarrassed. She…

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Seen some wild flowers and stopped to catch a few clicks of the camera….