Stand in the rain


Everyone carries their own inner rain. – Voskamp


Inner rain…

It could be pain that we let dampen our spirits

Putting out our light

or maybe hate that we let hail down in a fury

Giving the ground of love away


May we learn to stand in the rain!!


There is more to life than sorrow

There is more than bowing to each emotional whim

There is more of LIFE in our tomorrows

If we learn to stand in the rain!!


Rain will make us stronger

If we stand against the wind.

If we refuse to let it drowned us in a flood

….if we learn to swim.


May we be Damp with the smell of His Presence

Let us be Wet with the oil of Joy

Can I asked to be Soaked with your Grace?

and to be Drenched in your Loving Embrace…


So stand in the rain

stand your ground

stand up when its all crashing down

stand through the pain

you wont drowned

and one day what’s lost will be found

So stand in the rain


If you have never heard that song

click here “stand in the rain”


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