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When the seas are rough

( art by Aubrey Halket ) I am humbled by this God who loves and uses us broken and imperfect people to help heal and love other broken and imperfect people. Most of the day I was afflicted by words that were spoken to me. They replayed in my mind over and over, and what’s… Continue reading When the seas are rough

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Who’s a cheater?

  A repost I found … ADULTERY ... The word holds a terrible feeling and thoughts filled with guilt and shame and the act of cheating on your spouse. Cheating on one in whom you are suppose to love. I have been reading in Proverbs 5 - the title of this section of reading in… Continue reading Who’s a cheater?

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Summing it up!

  Pain brings closeness creating this togetherness   Have you ever noticed how days fly by Days where you missed coffee dates with girl friends or you just plain forget to call each other and when you do meet, you both say the same thing LETS GET TOGETHER AGAIN SOON!! and tag  : sooner than… Continue reading Summing it up!

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Hope for the Hurting

On my heart today is not easy… Around me there are people hurting… sad… worried… Those kinds of situations where you have no words. The kind that you wish you could say something  and people would just …Feel better! So what do you do when you have no words?? When nothing you can do can… Continue reading Hope for the Hurting