Hope for the Hurting

On my heart today is not easy…

Around me there are people hurting…



Those kinds of situations where you have no words.

The kind that you wish you could say something 

and people could just …Feel better!

So what do you do when you have no words??

When nothing you can do can change a thing??


I have been seeing the word KNEEL for a week.

I saw it. I noticed.

Why do I ever think it is a coincidence?


I didn’t listen….

until last night

I sat quietly in the middle of the night kneeling beside my

bed….thinking what do I have to pray about….hmmmm?

I ran through the normal

thank you GOD

For this and this…

and that and that…

BUT today I heard NEWS.

Different sources….different circumstances…

Destruction, Sickness, Persecution, Stress, Hurting

Life throws some crazy stuff at us sometimes.

BUT GOD is there to carry us through.

Psalm 68:19

Praise the Lord; praise God our savior!

For each day he carries us in his arms.

And He is speaking.

Lord Help me to listen, to discern, to understand, to move when you speak. To kneel…when you say Kneel!

This song came to mind this morning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biCeN1jWZkw


4 Comments Add yours

  1. shelly says:

    I love that scripture…and yes, Lord, teach us to listen and surrender. I’m still learning….


  2. starla says:

    YEs…yes! I needed this message today!


  3. shandaoakley says:

    Each day he carries us in his arms! I love that. I too, have been called to my knees like no other time before. It seems the oppression you spoke of has been hitting many of us lately and the only answer to to come to God…and to praise!


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