Today my friend who is 32 years old, goes in for a double mastectomy. She found out two weeks ago she has breast cancer. …yeah two weeks and here is surgery. Fast huh? I was shocked also. But I am thankful for the swiftness. I ask that you would Pray today if you see this... Continue Reading →


Today I just want to say : PRAY FOR THE FIGHTING! PRAY FOR THE FAMILIES OF THE FALLEN! PRAY FOR THE SUPPORT TEAMS! God gives us friends and families to live alongside in this life. When one falls the rest are there to pick them up. Life sometimes becomes a solitary walk. I think it... Continue Reading →

Hope for the Hurting

On my heart today is not easy… Around me there are people hurting… sad… worried… Those kinds of situations where you have no words. The kind that you wish you could say something  and people would just …Feel better! So what do you do when you have no words?? When nothing you can do can... Continue Reading →

Friday Facts

08/19/2011 Linking with:     Heard a few good songs this week 1. Song …this song just blessed my heart : 2.  Song …heard on the radio: 3. FAITHFILLED SONG! Heard this one driving home from my sisters house. GOOD STUFF! 4. A PhotoQuote: Linking up: 5.  I like this!! Linking with:   6. Picture... Continue Reading →

Heart and Happiness

It is Heart month and in one of my favorite magazines called Whole Living this month they published The Happiness Issue. It is also the most LOVE DAY of the year - Valentine's Day!! Now let's get to the good stuff.... The HEART ....This organ in the middle of my chest pumps life through my body... Continue Reading →

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