Today my friend who is 32 years old, goes in for a double mastectomy. She found out two weeks ago she has breast cancer. …yeah two weeks and here is surgery. Fast huh? I was shocked also. But I am thankful for the swiftness.

I ask that you would Pray today if you see this post:


Thank you for your gift of life.

Help us not to take it for granted.

Life is so fragile Lord.

The blessing of every moment is a gift.

Cover this one going through surgery today.

Her morning will start early and I am sure her mind will be spinning.

Lord give her peace that you have her in good hands.

Work through the doctors and nurses today God and bless her through them.

This afternoon when she comes out of the surgery room let her eyes open to smiles that love her, to voices of reassurance that everything will be ok.

Let her spirit be strengthen by you as she enters into the evening hours.

and let not her heart be troubled.

Give her peaceful rest and watch her sleep well

Thank you  Father


Something to think about!


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