Do you feel it?

Ever get a feeling you didn’t understand….until later.

That has happened to me many times.

It is the kind of feelings that are up and down and all about and yet in your life it just doesn’t seem to fit.

This happened to me.

I think God is trying to teach me something…

He is showing me how He has created me….fashioned me….gifted me.

I am a FEELIONARY!!   Like a dictionary ;0) ( my own )

I feel things …just saying it makes me sound a little loony!!!

I am beginning to understand this FEEL thing a little more.

When my feelers are all over going from anger to hurt, emptiness and rage, jealousy and love. I feel like I am an emotional rollercoaster. The problem is I dont understand when there is nothing going on in my life to create these feelings but they are in me. Often this creates a feel of conflict also. Again with no conflict happening in my life and yet I FEEL IT!

The key……I also have a person in mind. While this is happening. In the past I have interpreted this as me having some kind of issue with this person that I don’t understand or  I am denying or maybe they have and issue with me.

But what I really think it is ….a call to Pray. Intercede. Reach out to them.

I will try this next time and see what happens??

Does anything like this happen to you???

PS: Turns out a friend of mine was going through some stuff and for a couple of days was an emotional mess. When I expressed how I had been feeling. They felt the same way…coincidence : I dont think so….God was at work. We are all here to serve one another. He has equipped us to do so….

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  1. Makes sense. I used to get a feeling and start thinking about someone and I’d just decide to call them later. Sometimes I forgot to call. And then I started Immediately praying for the person. I always pray immediately, if I’m busy or can only shoot up a quick prayer. Because if I say, I’ll pray later…I sometimes forget. Or I forget what God was saying to me about the person {if anything at all}.


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