Let’s Talk! Tuesday


A blog I follow ( click the header pic to go there) does “Let’s Talk! Tuesday”

I enjoy Shelly’s blog. Very insightful.  She has invited her fellow blogger/readers to join her in sharing a chat of what’s going on in our lives to better get to know eachother.

So here it goes!! ;0)

1. My daughter just finished 6th grade….and Summer is FINALLY HERE! YEAH!! Sleeping in is HERE!! ( Everyone else sleeps I wake up at butt-crack in the morning…but the QUIET TIME is wonderful!! )

2. The garden is growing like CRAZY!!! I am already harvesting Lettuce and Spinich. ITS GOOD!!

3. It is raining here today. It is cool outside. Glad to be opening the windows and letting the air conditioner have a break. I love the sound of the rain. It is so peaceful!

4. My husband did WEED and FEED on the back lawn this past Sunday. Yesterday we saw signs of WEED DEATH :0) HAHAHA!! So glad. Those things are taking over the yard.

5. This past weekend I went with my sister and mom to look at wedding dresses with a  friend of ours. Her maid of honor and other brides maid were the nicest ladies. I was so glad to meet them. She found THE DRESS for her wedding. You know that the bride is gonna cry when it goes like this…she comes out and takes a very quick glance and says IM NOT LOOKING, IM NOT LOOKING!! …then all us girls are like : dont look dont look –while scrambling to get the tiara and vale on her…she takes a deep breath turns around with her eyes closed to look in the mirror and opens them and says …wow..uhmm tears up ( *choke *choke) I love this one!!!BINGO: Dress of your dreams FOUND!!

6. It is a great FEELING when you have successfully taught your 2 year old to say please and thank you. It the saying 6 times in a row…MILK PLEASE! …that we have to work on…  :0/


4 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    well dont put weed killer in your garden you will kill your plants…at least that is what my husband says…the only way to do it according to him is the old fashioned way…pull them!! ;0)


  2. Ciawy says:

    I keep telling my dad to start planting veggies in our backyard. His flowers are in full bloom and really pretty.


  3. Shelly says:

    Thanks for linking up today! I’m enjoying getting to know others a little more personally as well as sharing part of my daily grind 🙂

    It’s raining here too…but HOT!! So I’m not quite enjoying it as you are! Sticky!! Eww. 🙂


  4. My husband attempted to de-weed the garden! We went to home depot and looked at stuff, then we got distracted and started looking at grills…maybe next weekend!


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