Who’s a cheater? ..me?



A repost I found …


The word holds a terrible feeling and thoughts filled with guilt and shame and the act of cheating on your spouse. Cheating on one in whom you are suppose to love.

I have been reading in Proverbs 5 – the title of this section of reading in my bible is The Peril of Adultery.

Most the time I speed right through this section of reading….but this time it caught my eye.

Recently while reading I came across a line of thought that connected this passage in the bible for me more deeply.

It brought this passage to a different level  — Adultery as it can be applied to the connection and communication of the soul and spirit within (this is the Truth in the spirit we have been given and the ability of the soul to thwart that) and how it affects the heart and mind within a person and its expression within and without. Do we cheat on ourselves???


Every human being struggles with the power of truth, whether it is speaking the truth, honoring the truth, facing the truth, hearing the truth, or bearing witness to the truth. Truth is a deal-breaker and a game-changer in every aspect of life, but most certainly when it comes to relationships with others and even with how you talk to yourself. The truth is, the relationship you have with yourself is your “core” relationship from which all other relationships derive their position of health. If you are not honest with yourself, for example, you cannot be honest with another person. It is simply not possible. If you lie to yourself about anything, you can only lie to others. The lies you tell yourself are the lies you tell others. Someone who speaks the truth to him or herself will speak the truth to others.  – Myss

ok so….

Proverbs 5: 1 My son, pay attention to my wisdom;

Lend your ear to my understanding,

2 That you may preserve discretion,

And your lips may keep knowledge.

Pay attention to my wisdom –I see wisdom as God’s Word. We are to concentrate and consider what it is we are reading. This applied to the soul and spirit is knowing what your knower knows. Considering who you are, what you are about. What do you know about yourself. What you like and don’t like. What causes you joy and pain. Knowing your TRUTH.

Lend you ear to my understanding –this is about listening and doing what He tells you within. This applied to soul and spirit is listening to what you know. Not silencing your inner voice and to be who you are without fear.

THEN IT SAYS : That you may (do those things above –so that you can ) preserve discretion!!

Preserve — is to keep something alive or safe. It is to maintain it.

Discretion — is the freedom to decide, to choose and make a judgment but it is also being careful about what you say and do.

This is considering WHAT YOU KNOW about who and what you are and LISTENING instead of silencing that truth. This enables you to maintain the ability to make choices by being careful not to go against your truth.

And your lips may keep knowledge.

Keep Knowledge — to obey, retain and take care of all that is known

This is to live life without selling yourself out (doing the opposite of who you are by people pleasing or attention seeking – sabotaging yourself) and becoming the ADULTERER to your own spirit by allowing your soul (the fickle feeler and worrier within) to silence your truth with reasons and excuses.

The next section of verses tells us about what this ADULTERER looks like and is.

Proverbs 5:3

For the lips of an immoral woman drip

honey, And her mouth is smoother than oil;

4 But in the end she is bitter as wormwood,

Sharp as a two-edged sword.

5 Her feet go down to death,

Her steps lay hold of hell.

Lips are IMMORAL ….not concerned with what is right ( what is true ) and is not Virtuous. This person sells themselves out and short. This is speaking against the truth you know for recognition, attention, or to be liked by others, feel secure, loved, needed…or whatever it is your soul/ego thinks you need.

and notice these lips DRIP HONEY…sweet to the taste…reasoning that sounds good. Excuses that seem logical and right.

this mouth is SMOOTHER than OIL …really slick. …. lying to ourselves with clever little deceptions. Telling ourselves things to make our faults look good in our own eyes. Fudge the truth to ” look ‘ good to others.

When we do this it says THE END IS BITTER AS WORMWOOD. We are unsatisfied with where we are and what we are doing. We live an unpleasant inner world and we are walking out life in humiliations and painful experiences. Essentially we begin to become ashamed of ourselves for living the opposite of what we know.

and this end is also A TWO EDGE SWORD — On one side we want people to like us and so we create this ME we think they will like. On the other side WE KNOW WHO WE ARE and WERE HIDING.

We are unstable and unhappy.  

Then it says your FEET (the way you are walking, living) is leading you to DEATH — the spiritual side of you is WITHERING AWAY!!! and your steps LAY HOLD of HELL. You are grabbing onto HELL. ( misery and destruction)

BUT THANKFULLY we are also given the SOLUTION to this!!!

In the next set of verses it says not to depart from the words of HIS mouth (the knower who knows, the truth you have been given ..yet also are ever learning (don’t want to get all legalistic here) and to remove yourself from her way ( don’t entertain the souls anxieties and fears resulting in you being fake in word or deed ) and do not go near her door ( any opportunity to entertain this way of being…don’t let it be an option) …..BECAUSE you will give your HONOR away to others.

HONOR is your ability to be honest in your beliefs and actions ….remember that saying : “My word is my Honor!” This reminds me of when we could say what we really think but out of fear or whatever reason we say what we think sounds good to someone else and we say that instead…. 

That is GIVING your HONOR away!

I think women are BAD at this and this is why we wake up one day wondering who we are, where we have been ….saying to ourselves “I feel LOST like I don’t know who I am anymore!”

Going down some verses we come to DRINK FROM YOUR OWN CISTERN. ( Listen and Develop the knowing of your knower – spirit within. Get to know yourself. Find out who you are. Ask God to help you see who He created you to be. Learn where you stand. Develop what you think. How you feel about things. Read the WORD. Teach yourself and Listen to the Spirit of God within you. Become a self-explorer — not so you can become selfish saying “well that is just how I am” The truth of Gods word, His ways and right way of living trump your “just how I am”…but the point is to learn to become true to God’s expression of Himself through you. Study your true reflection of Christ. We are GOD water tank -the cistern of GOD. He created us to be the thing that allows springs of living water to flow through it.)

There is so much more from this chapter I could add …but I think I will stop here .

LIVE UNADULTERATED !!!  …you wont be sorry …you may trip, mess up, forget who you are, become selfish time to time but if you listen for the voice of the Spirit of God to lead you…you will be pressing on toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus – Christ’s reflection in the world.


Originally posted by me @ http://friendshipsoflove.blogspot.com/2010/12/unadulterated-living.html

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