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This is me, Amy and my sister Joy. We recently got together camping in the Ozarks after Amy moved back to California. It was a wonderful time of being together. 4 years ago my friend Amy started a fight and won the battle through the grace of God - that battle - breast cancer! Today… Continue reading Remembering…

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Who’s a cheater?

  A repost I found … ADULTERY ... The word holds a terrible feeling and thoughts filled with guilt and shame and the act of cheating on your spouse. Cheating on one in whom you are suppose to love. I have been reading in Proverbs 5 - the title of this section of reading in… Continue reading Who’s a cheater?

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JoyFull Blessings

linking with Ann for Monday Multitudes 161: I am making a move… I would love for you to join me. If you have enjoyed this blog, I promise you will love where I am going. Friendships of Love I will still be posting here but I will be linking portions to F Of L a… Continue reading JoyFull Blessings