The place of sadness

I took myself to a massage considering how utterly uptight I am. My hips where in constant pain. I had lots of tension in my shoulders and neck. I had already seen my chiropractor. I was better but I thought a massage would do this girl’s body good. I had been thinking about getting one... Continue Reading →

Sink Hole

OH you know its not good when you find yourself in the mirror staring hard into your own eyes pressing in with flaming anger that you are not sharing yourself anymore “LISTEN TO ME DO NOT OPEN LIKE THAT ANYMORE EVERYTIME YOU TRY YOU GET STEPPED ON DON’T TELL YOUR THOUGHTS DON’T SHARE YOUR LIFE... Continue Reading →

festering quill

Awareness A big word full of seeing, observing knowing and catching I became aware while reading THE CURE a set of words that are stuck in me ….festering “I would say, I am sorry, if I thought you would believe me” SO WHAT! your not sorry then? and you think I wont believe you so,... Continue Reading →

Friday Facts

12/09/11 Linking with:   1. Something Funny: This really is the worst time to shop!!!   2.  A (two-fer) Quote: * Joy is always a function of gratitude — and gratitude is always a function of perspective. * It’s about praise, not perfection. The only right is found in His righteousness and grace is always... Continue Reading →


  You probably have walls in your life? I do. I have been noticing that the word WALL OF DIVISION have been popping up a lot, I have seen it here and there and then I read this in the bible… Ephesians 2:14-15 Christ himself is our peace. He made both Jewish people and those... Continue Reading →

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