You probably have walls in your life?

I do.

I have been noticing that the word


have been popping up a lot, I have seen it here and there and

then I read this in the bible…

Ephesians 2:14-15 Christ himself is our peace. He made both Jewish people and those who are not Jews one people. They were separated as if there were a wall between them, but Christ broke down that wall of hate by giving his own body. The Jewish law had many commands and rules, but Christ ended that law. His purpose was to make the two groups of people become one new people in him and in this way make peace.

Do you have any walls?

Between you and your children…

you and your spouse…

you and other people …

hate, anger, jealousy,

mistrust, suspicion, cynicism,

envy, greed, selfishness

and how about the walls between your spirit and soul and body or between your heart and mind.

Some of us lead with our hearts and forget to use our heads and others use their heads and forget our hearts and some of that may be personality. Some of us run on soul power and don’t dive into the spirit or nourish it at all. Some of us are big on brain power and never get up to work our bodies.


But the ultimate goal of Christ coming was to take walls that separate out…

separation is detachment …we can not afford to live detached! Walls keep you hemmed into habits and automatic maneuvers. Walking drones have a hard time doing anything different because they are so indifferent within.

We must be aware, engaged, fully alive …..it is then that we are really LIVING!

Something to think about?


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  1. I love your statement:

    “We must be aware, engaged, fully alive …..it is then that we are really LIVING!”

    That’s so true.

    Great post, Starla!


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