It’s a heart thing…

Proverbs 22:3

A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself….

One definition of prudence is :

the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason

I was looking at this verse and my thoughts went to when we(ourselves are evil) when we are the one who wants to say unkind things…Can we let love remain instead…

When I think what evil is I think- bring about harm, to have an angry disposition, –the most common way we all do this is through our mouths. ( for me.) :0(

In those moments if we (me) use prudence we (me) can see that what we (me) are about to say is not good and will not end well.

So we (meeeee!) can shut our (my) mouths and hide ourselves in CHRIST.

In those moments we may just have to crawl inside ourselves…gripping and clawing …depending on how strong willed our ego’s are, and say:

Lord its not about me, I don’t have to say what I feel right now. I may be angry but I do not have to spew forth evil with my words. Lord I choose to use prudence…give me the strength to be quiet when I want to fight. Let love cover me.

It is not always best to stand and confront.

If your heart is evil ( angry, bitter, resentful) it is best to hide in God and get that heart thing taken care of.

Just don’t forget to deal with your feeling constructively or you may end up …non-communicative and leave people hanging. ( I have done this and I do this ) the whole point to begin with-  is to not hurt or harm other people with your mouth…

So don’t hurt them with your silence either.

Silence Hurts


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  1. starla says:



  2. starla says:

    Thank you!! OH how duct tape could work wonders sometimes!! LOL thanks for stopping!


  3. Duct tape. I should try that. … 🙂

    Seriously, nice post, Starla. I appreciate your wise, wise words.


  4. shandaoakley says:

    Thank you for the reminder to keep our hurts and anger inside and let God deal with it. In speaking, we just add on more sin in our lives and hurt to everyone. I needed this1


  5. starla says:

    So true!! May we guard it well… THanks for stoppin!


  6. starla says:

    You are so welcome. THank you for following I will be heading over to see about that blog hop ;0)


  7. starla says:

    Yes I am glad to be learning it…not so keep on having to WALK IT OUT!! that takes some effort. ( especially the part about SILENCE) I can leave the issue unsaid and never deal with it…volcano’s and isolation ..not good. Thanks for stoppin!


  8. Desiray says:

    Our hearts will always determines what we will do, that is why the Lord tells us to guard our hearts, for it’s the well spring of what is in us…


  9. Jackie Sill says:

    Okay, I loved this! I am constantly having to remind my daughter that not all things need to be settled “in the moment” Thank you for giving me some more insight into that.
    Following now through twitter. Hope to see you around 🙂
    Hosting a Wednesday blog hop for spiritually minded people and those who love pictures as well. Come on by!


  10. Joyful says:

    This is a great post. I love that you’re already learning that you don’t have to say what you feel right now. Of course perhaps we all instinctively know that in most cases but lately I’m finding God revealing this to me in ways I haven’t noticed before. It’s great when he continues to reveal to us the deeper things. God bless.


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