Are you like a dog…

The norm is to think that if you’re being compared to a dog it is negative …especially with the bad word that has long been attached to it ….women are offended.

( I AM! ~ I don’t like that word)

This past Sunday my Pastor showed a video of a dog that was so obedient to his master that the tricks this dog could do and the amount of self-control was pretty amazing.

Can you imagine how happy this guy must be when he shows off his dog , and he obeys completely!!

Do you have a dog?

Do you have to YELL at the dog 26 times to come until you finally just have to go over and yank its collar to get him/her what you want them too….???


Does He say Stop ( don’t speak)…..back up ( don’t go there)…..turn around (repent)…..sit ( be still and know I am God)

Are we distracted by RABBITS ?

( worry, fear, gossip, anger, hurt, resentment, other people)

Do we have to run ahead and sniff every spot?  ( Sticking our nose where it don’t belong getting ourselves all worked up)  –

I have a dog like that!!! ( this is Roxie ) isn’t she cute!


We got her a harness!!…. so she can not move any further than I let her…and for her safety because she insists on choking herself all the time …


How bad do I want to be like a dog?? Am I willing to obey completely??

Something to think about !

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8 thoughts on “Are you like a dog…

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  1. Starla, I love this lesson! I have written a couple posts about my dog. He follows me everywhere and God used that to teach me that I should follow Him like my dog follows me. But this post puts it in a new perspective. I want to be completely obedient to God. My dogs aren’t like that, but I want to be. 🙂 Great post!


  2. Great analogy. That is why God tries to keep us on a leash.. We still escape sometimes. I have actually thought alot about this subjects as I take my dog for walks!


  3. Who would have thought there would be so much theology to learn from a dog (and a cute dog at that?). Really good lessons to ponder here, Starla — thanks for getting me to think outside of the box (we have only fish around here…so the dog theology is a stretch for me! 😉


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