My thoughts

Heart Dams

Shared as a prayer focus at youth group 5/20/2018  I use to not like when people would talk about sin. I thought it was negative. I would rather them focus on love. I just thought, "tell me how much God loves me and how we should love one another." The problem is that if we only… Continue reading Heart Dams


Mending a broken heart

We encounter hurtful stuff all the time. Most the time we let is slide off and move on without much thought. What if that slide at the bottom is a pile of little things adding up like a decomposing  landfill. The size of a landfill pile determines the rate that things decompose.  I personally think… Continue reading Mending a broken heart

My Poetry

Make me

I come to the quiet to hear You my soul thirsting for You Where can I go from Your presence? - no where For You are everywhere present Yet it is in the stillness it is in the quiet that my tattered soul can hear You I long to know You more asking…. begging with… Continue reading Make me