Make me

20130131_074013 (3)

I come to the quiet to hear You

my soul thirsting for You

Where can I go from Your presence? – no where

For You are everywhere present

Yet it is in the stillness

it is in the quiet that my tattered soul can hear You

I long to know You more

asking…. begging with open hands for You to pour more into my cup

Give me Your oil of gladness

Give me Your covering love

let my soul rejoice in You, Oh God

for You have given it all

I come to silence the edge of no more me

thoughts are hushed

and needs revealed

awaiting Your love and peace

Thank you for surrendering Yourself for my sin

That I might reveal Your glory in the vessel of skin

We all show the Lords glory, and we are being changed to be like him. 2 Corinthians 3:18

Make me more like You

Father make me

more like You

Let Your glory over take it all

and shine like the morning sun

Let all Your people testify


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