Friday Facts

02/24/2012 1. A Song:   2. Tip of the Week: This is a magnetic dry erase board --add pretty paper and make you own magnet job chore chart!! brilliant! This is suppose to be a daily chore choice…I would be broke.. so I think weekly would work Linking with:   3. Something that made... Continue Reading →

Friday Facts

01/20/2012 1.  Something on my heart: Ok so I was at my BFF’s house ( she is also my sister in law) and one of her dogs got hurt. I was there and helps to bandage him up. He was so brave. His name is Tedo. He was so sad and scared too.  He was... Continue Reading →

Are you like a dog…

The norm is to think that if you’re being compared to a dog it is negative …especially with the bad word that has long been attached to it ….women are offended. ( I AM! ~ I don’t like that word) This past Sunday my Pastor showed a video of a dog that was so obedient... Continue Reading →

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