Friday Facts

Copy of NEWPICS 362-5


1. A Song:


2. Tip of the Week:

This is a magnetic dry erase board –add pretty paper and make you own magnet job chore chart!! brilliant!

This is suppose to be a daily chore choice…I would be broke..

so I think weekly would work Smile with tongue out

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friday favorite things | finding joy


3. Something that made me Laugh:



Sorry if this is offensive…

are you a drama queen?? Oh sorry, did it again!!

It is just too true for me to pass up – shhh I am at times! and

yes I call myself retarded when I am being a drama queen…

-it is simply human nature to create a

problem and explode it all over everyone else

(see even with this #3 -I am implying it will create drama)


4. Something I like :

Pinned Image




5. Something Wonderful:


Let’s all live like that!

6. Favorite WFW:


I tried to comment on mythreeandme to let her know that I wanted to share this beauty but sadly the silly computer wouldn’t let me…perhaps if she wanders over in a trackback she can see here how great her WFW photo and verse is… thank you!

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Mommy's Idea

7.  A verse:

Proverbs 24:10

If you faint in the day of adversity.

Your strength is small.

Remember in whom is your strength…Have Faith!


8. A Quote:

Honor the ties that bind. Relationship is the currency of all reality and our God is a love body and He hates amputations and He sutures our wounds together with the silver threads of community.

~Ann Voskamp

Who do you need to call ? or go see? who has been missing in your sight and mind that you haven’t gotten around to because life’s days are just flying by.


9. Something to Share:

my daughter and I are going to sing this song for offering this week …just her and I and her lovely piano playing


10. I’m Excited:

Today if all goes well I will be spending some BFF time!!! woot…love getting together with Tina!





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