Re-branded love

I was one of those people who had the words stupid and worthless seared into my soul at a young age. But God came in and like a laser of love re-branded me‪#‎beloved‬ ‪#‎Mine‬ ‪#‎Loved‬ ‪#‎Accepted‬ What an awesome, healing, loving God we have!!   I still have thoughts that come and try to eat... Continue Reading →

Monday Goodies – lists, links, likes and La La La

1. This is me and my sister I call her my LALA : She came to visit me this weekend !!! I love her! It is so wonderful to have coffee together, talk and laugh. 2. Yes!! Reading should be done for this purpose: 3. Psalm 91:1-2 4. My Thanks….because all is grace: *... Continue Reading →

Friday Facts

4/6/2012 1. A song: 2. Picture of the week: Easter Egg Head Daughter - Sarah 3.  Something on my heart: Pray for me …I am singing a solo at Church for Easter…. It is a big song and I am intimidated by it. It is Via Dolorosa most commonly sung by Sandy Patti.  Lord Help... Continue Reading →

Friday Facts

02/24/2012 1. A Song:   2. Tip of the Week: This is a magnetic dry erase board --add pretty paper and make you own magnet job chore chart!! brilliant! This is suppose to be a daily chore choice…I would be broke.. so I think weekly would work Linking with:   3. Something that made... Continue Reading →

Joyful Sound Off – February Blessings

Thankfulness on Tues. linking with Ann for Monday Multitudes 46. White fog on iced over water - beautiful 47. Homemade potato rounds -- yum! 48. A late afternoon nap 49. The joy of going to see a friend 50. Finding answers to a long over due question 51. Little boy singing “He reigns, my God... Continue Reading →

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