Monday Goodies – lists, links, likes and La La La

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1. This is me and my sister I call her my LALA :

She came to visit me this weekend !!! I love her! It is so wonderful to have coffee together, talk and laugh.


2. Yes!! Reading should be done for this purpose:

3. Psalm 91:1-2

20130930_110102-1_20130930110219750 (2)

4. My Thanks….because all is grace:

* Being asked to sing at the end

* Watching one enjoy FUN DIP tremendously

* creating a moment of silence

* Seeing Two find kindred hearts – one smiles more with this other than with any

* Favorite TV shows  – season premieres – Criminal Minds! CSI! OHHH YEAH!

* Family TV NIGHT

* Snap chat with teens :0) making silly faces back is so fun

* MORE FREE CHOCOLATE – I got another two coupons!! so yummy!


* Sister looks like me – so many said that it was crazy!! Made us SMILE!

*Pajama night with Sissy LALA

* Lunch with Gma, sister and the kids

* Grandma’s face of love and joy listen to daughter sing and play her Ukulele

* Her (my Daughter) singing and playing – her love to praise the king:


* Teaching a boy to mop

20130927_165831 (2)

5. A quote because I love them:


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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