What does Lamb of God mean to you?

From the Time cycle guy……A story, a meaning, renewed

A Methodist chaplain at a small college near Seattle. He tells the story of driving one day across the eastern part of Washington State.

He was forced to stop when a large herd of sheep was being shepherded across the road. As he waited, watching the sheep, the phrase “Lamb of God:” drifted through his mind. Seized with the notion, he leapt from his car and bounded up to the shepherd and asked, “What does “Lamb of God” mean to you?

The shepherd was initially startled by the abrupt question from this total stranger, but sensing a level of sincerity, he looked at Jeff squarely in the eye and answered, “I know exactly what ‘Lamb of God’ means.”

“Each year at the lambing time, there are lambs and ewes which do not make it. A ewe whose lamb has died is filled with milk, but will not nourish any other lamb she does not recognize as her own. An orphaned lamb could starve because no ewe will accept and nourish it.

“So the shepherd takes the dead lamb (of the ewe who will not nurse another), slits its throat, and pours its blood over the body of the living lamb. Recognizing the blood, the ewe will now nurse, and save the orphaned lamb.”

Through the gift of blood of the lamb who has died, the living lamb is recognized and restored to the fold, nourished and saved.

Jesus offers his blood to wash us and deliver us from death, allowing us to enter eternal life with Himself…. If we accept his sacrifice for us we have new life and are no longer “dead in our sins”.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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