Joyful Sound Off – February Blessings


Thankfulness on Tues.

linking with Ann for Monday Multitudes

46. White fog on iced over water – beautiful

47. Homemade potato rounds — yum!

48. A late afternoon nap

49. The joy of going to see a friend

50. Finding answers to a long over due question

51. Little boy singing

“He reigns, my God He reigns!!”

52. Afternoon milkshakes from dairy queen with the kids

53. Lounging on a Saturday afternoon

54. Reconciliation that comes quick when you stand firm

and hold tight to truth.

55. Husband making homemade Chicken Noodle soup.

OH YEAH!!….its gonna be so good!!

1328404662470 (2)

56. The Aroma of Parsley topped on Chicken  Noodle

1328411802192 (2)




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