Monday Goodies – lists, links, likes and La La La

1. ANCHOR: Let this songs lyrics sing to your soul:   2.  Too funny ..since I have a son and he wants to be a superhero 3. Yes lets let that lead: 4. My thanks …because all is grace: *When I saw it, it looked like diamonds on and emerald path to the golden... Continue Reading →

JOyFull Blessings

Looking at the blessings … I see …one my way to ONE THOUSAND GIFTS in my life! linking with: 181. Bumble Bee Transformer… my sons favorite..this thing a JOY to my son. 182. The breeze on the porch 183. The grim washed away from the flood stain on the porch 184. Made a trip to... Continue Reading →

Joyful Blessings

linking with Ann for Monday Multitudes 171.  Naps on a Saturday afternoon 172. Not being tied to a schedule for one day and eating toast for 173. Reading free books on my tablet using a kindle app .. YEAH!! 174. Helping our Youth Pastor 175. Making it through a difficult situation 176. Rain to... Continue Reading →

JoyFull Blessings

linking with Ann for Monday Multitudes 161: I am making a move… I would love for you to join me. If you have enjoyed this blog, I promise you will love where I am going. Friendships of Love I will still be posting here but I will be linking portions to F Of L a... Continue Reading →

JoyFull Blessings

linking with Ann for Monday Multitudes 151. Launching into HEART PASSION 152. Putting more focus into Friendships of Love 153. Midnight Dodge ball tournament with the youth 154.  staying up 24 hours for 5 of our youth rededicate their lives  to Christ after the message about living wrong while saying you know HIM. 155. Sleep... Continue Reading →

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