PhotoQuote #65


The Lord will bloom and grow us!!!

He will water us with the LIVING WATER from Heaven!!!


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14 thoughts on “PhotoQuote #65

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  1. great verse! i’m so glad he makes us grow! i think of my spinach plant, it is kinda pretty with all its vines, it is norishing, and yet everytime I chop a piece off it grows back stronger! thanks for the great reminder this morning! 🙂


  2. This the second blog I have read today about God’s Living Water. I want to grow, firmly rooted in Christ. Many blessings, Starla!


  3. Love the verse and the photo…God makes us all grow and His creation is growing if we would take more time admiring His creation….instead of taking it for granted…amen


  4. I am so thankful He uses circumstances and life’s experiences to bloom and grow us. The more we mature, the more He can trust and use. The cycle keeps on going…
    Thank you for this word, Starla!
    Happy WFW!


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