PhotoQuote #51

GRammypics 153

(Photo taken by my Grammy)

The shadow is the parts of ourselves that we would rather that people not see. It is those insecurities, secret hatreds, hidden fears and guilt. We hide from the truth. We deny the existence of certain part of ourselves. But the LIGHT is different….

Jesus is in the light!

Jesus calls us FRIEND.

I believe that it is within TRUE FRIENDSHIPS that LIGHT is shown on the hidden shadowy parts of ourselves. It is within these FRIENDSHIPS that GOD has created a SAFE PLACE for us. A place we stop trying to cover up with FIG LEAVES. We can be real. When that happens we stop fearing the light shining into our darkness and we let the LIGHT TURN ON.

And suddenly ….. we see the truth and the truth makes us FREE.

Good Wednesday!


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  1. Tina says:

    Love it!


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