Copy of NEWPICS 362-5


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1.  Starting with a song


2. Lost my voice this week…I am missing SINGING!!!


3. Still want to encourage you to give to the relief efforts in Japan

If you can not give at this time…please please give your prayers

Starla K Smith  PRAYER WORKS!!


4. Started the Gym this past week too –

I am not happy that I lost my voice and have a little heaviness in my chest that is causing me to have to wait to continue at the gym….I want to WORKOUT! But I did walk uphill like 6 miles last week a small start ..I am happy with that!


5. Have you noticed the word HOPE lately?

What is HOPE to you??? Where does HOPE come from??? Who do you find your HOPE in??? When do you turn to look for HOPE???


6.  A Quote:

When the world says, “Give up,”
Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”


7. Sickness hit our house this week

we are still battling –pray for us.


8. God speaks when things are slower

or should I say I CAN HEAR and TAKE TIME TO LISTEN because I AM QUIET and SILENT.



My foundation for FAITH is CHRIST JESUS

BELIEF in HIM = FAITH –which is counted as RIGHTEOUSNESS

Romans 4:20 He grew strong in his faith AS HE GAVE GLORY TO GOD.

Glory: very great praise, worshipful thanksgiving

praise: expressing admiration, approval ( You O Lord are Worthy!)

worship: reverent honor, adoring reverence ( I am humbled in your presence God.)

thanksgiving: gratefulness, acknowledgment of benefit and favor, expression of thanks

( Thank you Father for sickness, for in it I have heard your voice, I heard your call to listen to the still small voice of Your Spirit speaking to me things I have been inquiring. In You God is all provision.)


10. Thank you to all the readers of this blog:

Today I pray that God touch each of you in a special way. That you would know Him in more. That your hearts would be encouraged today – GOD LOVES YOU ALWAYS!!!

Have a great Friday!!


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