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When I don’t get it!?

I didn’t ask for the position I am in. I didn’t even consider myself to be a candidate to be there. I was appointed! I didn’t get it! That was almost 3 years ago. ( that is mindboggling to me) What are you talking about, You ask? Being a youth leader. By far the hardest… Continue reading When I don’t get it!?

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Advent…living by faith

I will bless you …and you will be a blessing to others. Gen. 12:2 The ultimate faith I guess would be to absolutely believe this God we serve is GOOD. IS….. GOOD To believe with all my heart that HE IS GOOD…..He will bless me. Advent …the blessing that blesses has come That is a… Continue reading Advent…living by faith

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Faith and Slavery

This is the team that I lead at church for youth group called SMAC SOMETHING MORE AT CHURCH These are amazing people to work with… This past Sunday we had what we called a SMAC JAM night - a night of worship with the SMAC Worship Team. Two leaders in the back - Dave (left-… Continue reading Faith and Slavery

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Not broken…

Its interesting how when you state a truth for yourself that the tester of truth comes to test I recently got an Ah ha moment I am no longer broken I am healed in the name of Jesus I will no longer live life from my broken places but from my healed risen life in… Continue reading Not broken…