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This is me, Amy and my sister Joy. We recently got together camping in the Ozarks after Amy moved back to California. It was a wonderful time of being together. 4 years ago my friend Amy started a fight and won the battle through the grace of God - that battle - breast cancer! Today… Continue reading Remembering…

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Friday Facts

March 2, 2012 1. Something Good: Picked up daughter a 8th graduation Dress (source)   2.  Something I want : OR ….if not this tablet Still not sure?? …lol   3. A SONG …If you like ROCK this ROCKS!!!   4.  A Quote: It’s not the sinfulness that you’d think: It’s the thanklessness — that… Continue reading Friday Facts

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To be a Friend

Today I am over at Friendships of Love talking about : HOW TO BE A FRIEND…. Click the link to read full post… Just a little bite! Come on over an read… We had a guest speaker and He Had one QUESTION!! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO GIVE? Here is my thoughts and… Continue reading To be a Friend

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Opening …

  On my heart today… Friendship is a laying bare open kind of thing unless you of course are like most of us women out here who hold the everyday kind of friend at arms length. Fears, mistrust, old thinking messages from days long gone still play, and sourness is sunk in deep. I have… Continue reading Opening …

My thoughts

PhotoQuote #51

(Photo taken by my Grammy) The shadow is the parts of ourselves that we would rather that people not see. It is those insecurities, secret hatreds, hidden fears and guilt. We hide from the truth. We deny the existence of certain part of ourselves. But the LIGHT is different…. Jesus is in the light! Jesus… Continue reading PhotoQuote #51