What is Courage?

Over at Ordinary Courage , Brene’ Brown writes about a friend and shame…… Excerpt: we talk about shame being a "full contact" emotion. Shame doesn't just happen in our head or heart, we experience and hold it in our bodies. We always ask participants to identify where shame shows up for them. Liz shared, "In... Continue Reading →

PhotoQuote #95

When the breeze of the Holy Spirit has blown the cloud of Sin away. Remember to keep your face in worship…do not stare at the SON …Close you eyes in AWE and REVERENCE and become so transparent that HE SHINES RIGHT THROUGH YOU!! STARLA Linking with:

PhotoQuote #83

Every year in the winter I feel like hibernating. I don’t want to open the window curtains because the cold is out there I want warm blankets and hot tea The darkness covers over me and eventually I start to feel a bit disconnected from the world I forget that just beyond my fears of... Continue Reading →

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