Advent…living by faith

I will bless you …and you will be a blessing to others.

Gen. 12:2

The ultimate faith I guess would be to absolutely believe this God we serve is GOOD.


To believe with all my heart that HE IS GOOD…..He will bless me.

Advent …the blessing that blesses has come

That is a trick and a half to hang on to when this world throws its curse on us.

That hanging on….. that …is …FAITH.

When we know this then we wont live in scarcity.

We will live as a blessing.

We Give because He gives and the cycle repeats.

Ann asks and will you join me in answering:

How has God blessed you?

In what ways have other people overflowed God’s grace into your life?

What are some ways you can be a blessing to others?


The blessings are many His hand has given

uprooting me from a world I was dying in and planting me in good ground

right upon the Rock called Christ

giving me a un-manipulatable man to try and vex my very flesh

giving me the sweet and gentle anointed with peace daughter of my heart

giving me the high energy and full of life tender hearted boy of my dreams

BLESSED He has called me.

BLESSED He has made me.

BLESSING I am when I open to others.

He reach’s to me through others.

Hugs, smiles, laughter, joy, kindness

Words in due season, of caution, of peace, of rest

How this world wants to rip us raw and cause us to fall

but not at all when the arms of His body hold us

I lay down my fears and doubts and worries

these do not foster a way to living

these hinder my hands and feet for the giving

its back to faith then

back to HE IS GOOD

a knowing I can trust

rooted in such a way that allows me to open my hands and give

without holding because I can trust He will fill them again

Its Christ cracked open bled and died for me

Its me cracked open giving and pouring for Him



Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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