Advent ….Rise

Noah found favor with the Lord

Gen. 6:8

I have been going through a daily devotion called The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp.

History it’s self it is testament to the King of the Cross

BC – Before Christ  & AD – After Death also A.D. is a Latin abbreviation for Anno Domini ‘in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ, – All of history is either before or after this one day.

AD –VENTPROCLAIM HIS COMING – this one who would  Die and Rise again – THE COMING ONE .

His birth …His coming ….all for that One day of suffering

Where God would forever be with us in our suffering

never leaving us alone

Ann asks and will you join us:

When have you felt flooded, overwhelmed by the waves rising around you?

In what ways has God been an ark in the midst of your own flood?

How does it feel to picture the tears of God, to know that He suffers alongside you?


Flooded with overwhelming wave

the kind that crashes upon and up in your face

making it hard to breath

I am understanding the wave happens

when I try to swim along alone

When I don’t know what to do

I begin to work harder wearing my limbs

and lungs out treading water

Sometimes I forget the life boat is right next to me

If I would only grab hold

He is always there my Ark of salvation in the midst of the waves

I think He feels much in a way as we do

If we are called on for help we reach and life up

like Peter calling on Jesus as he sank

How do you help one who doesn’t not call on you?

Its not easy to grab a flailing wild one …. like me

But when we speak simple words


He scoops us up in arms of love

To think of the suffering King who cries with me

Who walks with me and talks with me

even when I am deaf and dumb

He who cries with me  even though I cant see Him

He never leaves or forsakes

only faith in knowing this

lets me feel His tears crying with me



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