Advent…Where are you?

They hid from the Lord God among the trees

Gen. 3:8

Where am I ??

Sometimes I feel lost … sometimes I feel so comfortable I am worried about myself.

Sometimes I feel like I am spinning circles

and then I find HIM in the middle of my mess and I am right where I belong.

Advent : The coming of Christ in my world …the open of the eyes to see His light enter.

2013-12-03 14.20.48

Ann’s words from her book The Greatest Gift –

What more could we want than a God who chases us down with His love.

Ann asks and will join me in answering:

What would you say if God asked “Where are you?”

What does it mean to you that God would seek you and find you when you are far from Him?

What places deep within you do you long for God to seek out in the season of Advent?

A poem

For all these years I been walking with Him

I am still learning to keep my gaze on Him

Honing my eyes away from distractions that chain me

Trying to be more focused on submitting to His every prompting

Me chasing hard after the One who has already chased me

His love finds me when I am lost in some dark alley

When I am off track and lost

This God who seeks me out where ever I might be

and doesn’t give up until He has found me

Those places in me that drool for attraction

the places that cave and crave other things than the Lord

Find them God and draw them out

expose them and turn me round

Draw me to You alone

Let my hearts affections be wholly to You

and not after those things which will never quench my thirst


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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